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Bad Kitty is an alliance guild on (US)Steamwheedle Cartel that is a small friends and family guild.  Many unique (and adult) personalities flourish within our ranks, making green text often a highlight of our WoW time!  Our members enjoy many different aspects of WoW- we raid, we pvp, we are achievement whores, we are completion'ists, we are alt-o-holics, but above all, we are friends that enjoy playing together and having a great time exploring all that the game has to offer! 

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by Vulpesia, 483 days ago

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Adorable panda is adorable! =)

It is a new year, and at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, we're slowly warming into spring!  Let's have a great spring and summer as we look forward to more WoD info and the upcoming xpac and its associated changes!  =)


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