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Bad Kitty is an alliance guild on (US)Steamwheedle Cartel that is a small friends and family guild.  We also have a matching clan presence in Diablo 3 as many of us are Blizz game junkies!  Many unique (and adult) personalities flourish within our ranks, making green text often a highlight of our WoW and D3 time!  Our members enjoy many different aspects of gaming- we raid, we pvp, we are achievement whores, we are completion'ists, we are alt-o-holics, we play season and non-seasonal D3 content, but above all, we are friends that enjoy playing together and having a great time exploring all that the games have to offer! 

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No news is good news =)

by Vulpesia, 255 days ago

#Friendshipmoose ftw!

As this expansion winds down, we find ourselves playing a bit less WoW and a bit more of other things.  I hope whatever you find yourself doing it is going well for my current and former Kitties!  #Friendship moose has allowed some of us a chance to get a sweet new ride and a little decoration for our Garrison homes on Draenor.  Be well kitties whether you are in Azeroth, Sanctuary, or Earth!  Be well and we'll hopefully see you on the Broken Isles fighting back the Legion yet again!  =)


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